Charity Event Receives Positive Response

You may have seen a recent post about our support for a charity netball event by supplying printed shirts. We wanted to share with you a lovely response letter about the event’s success:

Dear Team Colours,

We are writing to you to thank you for all the help you gave us by donating a prize, your time and your support to us for the netball tournament. Thanks to all of the people like you who have helped us, we managed to raise over £4,200 and had over 200 people take part in the tournament and many more come along for the fete on the day.

Charity Netball Event T-ShirtDue to the popularity of the tournament and much positive feedback from teams asking if they could play next year, we have decided to run the same competition next year, but aim to make it even bigger, and raise even more money!

If you would like to get involved again next year we would be very grateful, as your contribution meant that we could raise more money for Cancer Research, a charity close to all of our hearts.

Thank you again for your help, we have been astounded by the generosity of people whilst organising this event and it has meant alot to us that we have been able to generate such a large sum of money for Cancer Research.

Kind Regards,

Kate, Rachel and Emily

Many thanks for your letter, its always nice to hear from customers about their teams and tournaments!


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