An action packed year – Team Colours 2011 in review

Its been an eventful year at Team Colours, with exciting new ventures, notable landmarks and a whole load of custom team kits. As the year draws to a close we look at some of our favourite highlights and successes of the 2011.

The year began with our showcase at the British Basketball League Cup Final on January 16th, sponsoring the BBL Slam Dunk Contest with a stylish range of sublimated basketball jerseys. Following this event, which was broadcast on Sky Sports, came a string of exciting TV appearances for our custom teamwear. Our custom tracksuits featured on Channel 4’s Famous and Fearless and ITV’s This Morning, we made custom football kits for Sky Sports 25 years promotion and custom rugby shirts for BBC’s Waterloo Road.

Team Colours TV
Notable TV appearances in 2011

In the summer Team Colours provided a range of custom sports shirts for various sports events during ITV’s gameshow Red or Black, including football shirts for Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie to wear. We provided bibs for David Walliams swim team as he swam the Thames for Sport Relief and just recently provided Scotland’s national roller derby side with custom sublimated dresses at the first ever Roller Derby World Cup, with some great media appearances coming in 2012.

2011 was also a year of giving, with more competitions and giveaways than ever before. For site feedback in February we gave away a £50 teamwear voucher, while also giving vouchers for customers who sent team photos and to various charity auctions. During the womens world cup we gave a womens football team a set of printed hoodies for best predictions of the England’s scores, then we gave a netball team a set of hoodies for entering our netball brochure mini quiz.

Goalden Globes
Team Colours present award at the Goalden Globes

On Twitter we gave Team Colours netballs away to followers for a week, while at the Goalden globes we gave away unique printed netball t-Shirts to the highest bidder of their charity auction. We launched the Team League, a fun new colours based team competition we hope to continue next year, while last week we gave hoodies to customers who found santa hiding on our website. The year has seen a variety of great promotions which has helped us interact with our customers better than ever before.

The most important change for Team Colours in 2011 has undoubtedly been  the unveiling of our new website in February. While it was nice to freshen up our site with new colours and graphics, more important technical changes made it possible for customers to accurately price their garments for fully bespoke quotations and make online payments, making it unlike any other site on the internet. Other great innovations included a printing menu, live help feature, sample request forms and customer logins.

Sublimated Netball Dress
Customer Dress designs produced this year

Many new products and promotions were added to the site in 2011, beginning with the Team Tours Collection in March. The printed designs have made it easier for teams to create unique leisurewear designs using our template solutions for various sports. A heavier emphasis has been placed on unique sublimated netball dresses, which in turn has inspired some great examples, also rugby and football sublimated shirts are now available. New sports added to the site, with an initial offering of products for Lacrosse, Roller Derby and Golf. We launched fully custom colour baselayers for teams who need them to match their team kit, while we also added a new range of stock tie designs.

The great changes and additions to our company over 2011 has given a fresh new outlook and cause for celebration, and we hope to inspire just as much innovation and creativity in 2012.

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