Netball Superleague reaches showdown weekend!

The 2012 FIAT Netball Superleague will be concluded this weekend with an exciting finals in London. Favourites Thunder and Storm face off against Mavericks and Bath respectively on Saturday, with the grand final and playoff on the Sunday.

This new format Superleague has improved by creating opportunities for lower teams to spring upsets and also creates more of a hype around the finals, meaning increased exposure for the game and greater enjoyment for the fans. The hope now is that the lower tier sides from this season can challenge the upper four to avoid a predictable pattern forming as seasons continue.

Another aspiration of the new format is that increased intensity and competition of the sides can improve standard of players in the UK, and give the national side greater chance of competing against Australia and New Zealand. This remains a far off goal as these nations have much larger professional leagues, but is showing great promise as we head to the first new format superleague finals weekend.