Cost effective sports kit solutions

When it comes to your team’s kit there will always be a battle, a choice between the aspiration for the best quality outcome against the costs that can be met by all members of the squad. It is often a case of striking the right balance and for all teams needs this will be different, but we can offer some advice for effective solutions.

Team Colours can make all their bespoke sports kits to any colour combinations, giving you the exact look you need, but also offering custom options to meet certain budgets. Specific alterations, such as to have the kit made in different fabrics, select collar styling or with extra lengths can feature other costs, as shown in dropdown lists on our site.

Some products are available as reversible styles or sublimated designs, making them more practical but slightly more expensive. The total cost of a product should be considered when selecting these options as going for a cheaper option can give a better price when added up for the whole team. The bespoke route for team sports kit allows some great customisations but also means they can be adapted to fit specific budgets.

Basketball Kit
Custom basketball kits can be made reversible or sublimated, all at different costs

Another add on cost that should be considered is printing. While it essential that a rugby or football shirt features number printing on the back it may be less important, for example, that shorts have numbers or that numbers feature on front as well. Kit packages, like those offered for football and rugby, can include number printing, shorts and socks to help make a bulk saving.

Also there are sponsors and badges for personalisation. A single colour text print is cheaper than a full colour artwork that requires setup costs and possibly redraw fees. An embroidered logo is undoubtedly a high quality embellishment for any team kit but will likely cost more than simple vinyl print. A sublimated style costs more but can include an unlimited number of prints, so could be a cheaper option. These are all important decisions that must be taken by teams when considering their options available and total cost.

It must also be recommended that anyone hoping for a deal can look out for our special offers which we offer from time to time. Recent offers have included 10% off all kits and free bibs on team orders, making an instant saving and allowing teams more to spend on custom options. To be kept afloat of all offers join our mailing list or become a fan on Facebook.

Sometimes finding a good price for sports can can be difficult, but we like to think we can always offer an option to suit your budget. If you wish to discuss options for your team send us a custom enquiry on our site.