Selecting the right fabric options for team kit

When it comes to sports kits, its vital that you play in something comfortable, supportive and well designed, and for that reason your team kit fabric is an essential element. It is something often not considered much in the process of ordering new kits, often due to not being given an alternative and trying to find the right colours. But when going the bespoke route, a team can ensure they get the right design, the right colours and equally importantly, the optimum performance playing fabric.

Bespoke sportswear manufacture offers the luxury of fabric choices. Take for example our custom basketball kits designs, available in 3 fabric options. The standard choice is a lightweight mesh, familiar with most basketball jerseys for its distinctive holes and lightweight feel. This is a default choice and the best value, but for a slightly more durable option the jaquard fabric might better suit your team, or even the heavy dazzle for shiny finish and stronger material. The options aren’t a simple grade of quality, there is also a consideration of how colours appear and where your team is likely to play. A reversible basketball kit involves 2 colours being sewn together, and with a heavyweight fabric may end up too heavy and hot for intense indoor sports, so there is always much to consider.

Basketball kits are available in 3 fabric options

Team Colours are able to advise on the best fabric options for your requirements and offer free fabric samples on all custom styles.

Many of our sports offer great fabric choices, including netball, football and rugby. While netball fabrics range from the light ‘Eyelet’ to the moisture absorbant ‘Meryl’, football offers a simple grade of jaquard fabric for teams. The more heavyweight rugby fabrics differ in regular stitched styles and smoother sublimation types, and are designed to hold up against the tough demands of the game.

The choice of which material to make your special team kits is all too often neglected and later regretted, and needs consideration. While it may always come down to striking a balance between cost and performance their are different requirements for every order, that can only be met with the benefits of bespoke manufacture.