5 Key Decisions for Football Kit Design

Its important to make the right choices when looking for your football team’s new kit, whatever level of the game. When it comes to bespoke manufacture many choices are available, here are just some you may need consider…

1.Shirt vs Kit

Is it simple set of shirts you need or is it your best interests to get the full team kit? Team Colours offer a fully bespoke football shorts and custom football socks to match team shirts, but also stock options to suit delivery times and budgets. As your team will all need a matching kit anyway, it may be best to get a deal on a football kit package.

2.Styles and fabrics

Stitched or sublimated is the big decision at the moment, with the possibilities of Team Colours sublimated football shirts opening all kinds of possibilities up to football teams. Its important to focus on how you visualise the final design; either with a traditional appeal and well known style, or to make a unique new original.

3.Colours and design

Once you have decided your design its onto the colours and though your team may have a set colour, designs allow for 2 or even 3 custom colours to be used so you can add subtle contrasts and create that special edition look to your bespoke football shirt.

Custom Football Shirt
A custom football shirt

4.Sleeves, collars and panels

Once design and colours are settled its about finalising the smaller details, such as sleeve length, collar style plus any difficulties such as a panel to allow printing or numbers. If you have a particular request and wish to discuss options please contact us directly.

5.Get personal..

Our high quality printing and embroidery services allow a wide range of custom personalisation on all team football shirts such as player names and numbers, team badge and sponsors, even custom embroidery for any unique identifiers, add these details in your order for an accurate cost quotation.

The options and diverse variations make kit orders with Team Colours an exciting creative process, browse football on our site or contact us about your teams requirements.

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