5 Key decisions for netball kit design

As it comes round to the new netball season you may be looking to take advantage of Team Colours wide range of products and options. The choices available for bespoke team kits mean there are some key decisions you may need to consider to ensure you get the perfect design, here are just 5 of them..

1. Do I stitch or sublimate?

Most will be familiar with our regular stitched netball kit and netball dress designs, but for something special you may want to consider sublimated netball kits. This polyester fabric style allows any design to be printed into the fabric, allowing unlimited prints and colours to be mixed and beautiful results. While the regular styles have beautiful variation and colour in a traditional appeal, sublimation should definitely not be ruled out.

Abby Netball Dress
A custom netball dress in 2 colours

2. Skirt and top or dress?

Another tricky choice. Most are familiar with one that they feel most comfortable playing in, but may wish to consider the designs for an alternative option. If the team is split as to which they prefer, some designs can be made in dress and kit versions so everyone gets their choice in matching style.

3.Collars, sleeves and skorts

Now down to the particular designs. Again it may be a case of what you are most comfortable in, but considering what also irritates with your current netball clothing may help to focus on options in the various designs such as sleeves and collar options. Designs offer a variety of stylings such as v-neck, round neck, collar and different length sleeve, as well as optional skorts/knickers attached with skirts. Leotard dresses have incorporated knickers as standard.

Kathy Netball Kit
A custom round neck top and 2 colour skirt

4.Choosing colour schemes

Your team will most likely have a set colour in mind, but most designs allow for 2, 3 or even 4 colour sections. With this availability you can create various tones of the same colours, a smooth colour scheme or a bold contrasting look. Using our netball kit designer tool is a great way to play with colour ideas.

5.What about personalisations?

If you have decided on a regular stitched design you will need to consider any custom personalisations such as printing or embroidery. Most designs leave space around the patch bibs for team badges, team names or sponsors, its all about customising your kit for perfection.

View our full range of netball kits and netball dresses on our website, or contact us to discuss any of the options mentioned above.

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