5 Key Choices when personalising garments

One of Team Colours excellent custom clothing services is the high quality personalisation available for team kits and leisurewear. Here are some options and aspects to consider when looking to print and embroider into garments.

1.Is less more?

Firstly consider what you want and why. To personalise team kits, training clothing or warmup tops and leggings allows your team to build an identity and look uniquely stylish. With so many options its important to consider the design and the appeal of each option, including which would suit your kit design and what represents your team the best. Designer tools and mockups are available to help perfect these choices.

2.Dont forget sublimation

Before you look into the printing world its important to remember the ultimate in personalised design – sublimation printing. The amazing process of any images, text or illustration being combined into one smooth high quality kit design is definitely worth consideration for football, rugby, netball and basketball kits if you are looking for something spectacularly distinctive.

3.There’s always embroidery

Its easy to forget the traditional embroidered badge as a beautiful symbol for your team kits. Embroidery can also be used for text and imagery and when used effectively gives unparalleled results. View embroidery examples on our blog to see the kind of options available.

4.How good is your artwork?

Its only when it comes to having the team badge or sponsor printed that it suddenly dawns on clubs to find the original artwork. It is important to try and source the best possible quality logos and badges for printing or embroidery to ensure a good quality result. Although a redraw service is available for lower quality artwork, its faster and cheaper to have the files prepared.

5.Positions are vital

Think about the sport you play and what will likely be seen. Netball players wear bibs that will block any large artwork on the chest or center back, does your sport involve extra padding or equipment that will hide your excellent prints and sponsors? These and other choices must be made about where you place prints and how to get seen.

More information is available about our personalisation services, including our new menu to add personalisation to products.

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