Help with designing your next Team Kit

Looking to create a unique new design for your team for the season ahead? Here we run through a couple of the options to help your design choices…

Design Style

Most importantly think about your team and their style of design. Football will tend to use straight forward lines and panels whereas rugby has a little more flair in unusual design, though you may want to change all that! If you want a classic look with bold, distinctive colour then a stitched bespoke design may be best suited to you, whereas a quirky modern look may be better suited to sublimation.

Look and feel

You must also consider the fabric used and how this feels, as beyond looking the part you also have to play in it! Different sports feature different tailored fabric options, such as lightweight mesh fabric for basketball or moisture wicking Meryl fabric for netball, fabric samples are available for any custom product to make sure you make the right choice and are aware what designs are available to you.

Get the colours right

An example of radical colour design

Unsurprisingly, the colours are an essential part of the design and are how the kit will ultimately be judged. Your team will no doubt have a main colour in mind but this shouldn’t be limiting. You could use a particularly dark or light shade for example, or high or low saturation. Some custom designs feature a second, third or even fourth colour section so you can put together a really strong colour theme, such as Team GB’s 2012 Olympic designs using a stylish mix of blues and contrast red. You could also defy tradition by making a stand out colourful mix, such as FC Barcelona’s 2012/2013 shirt design.

Get Customised

Your design will likely need some personalisation, such as the teams badge or sponsor artwork, but this is also going to have impact on the design. Traditional positioning generally works best but there is always the option of making different sizes or putting artwork in different positions to complete a creative look, consult a sales staff member about personalisation options.

At Team Colours we are passionate about custom design and are always keen to discuss options. You can mockup your own designs on our custom designer tools or find out more about mockup kit designs on our website.

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