New Website Features: Product Page

Another of the excellent new features on our newly developed website is the new look product information page. New design and added features, coupled with faster loading that ever make this a really exciting new page format, here’s some of the top features….


Firstly the page layout has been shifted to present all the info available. product image and details are listed in the central column, with custom details on the right side and product FAQ’s on the left, the aim is for a smoother navigation and easier access to details.


You will no doubt have many questions before placing an enquiry, such as returns policy, delivery times or minimum orders. Simple relevant questions on the left column aim to answer questions and help you make decisions.

Product Info Column

The central column features all the details you need, from images and descriptions, size charts and product options. There are also simple tabs for requesting quotes and samples, making it simpler than ever.

Options Column

The right column displays colours and fabric info, helping you make informed decisions about whats right for your team kits. Mini buttons also link to relevant pages that may also be of interest.

Related Products

At the bottom of the page a strip of similar category products is recommended for further viewing. Click any image to view that product also, showing the range of products and options available from Team Colours.

Simply view any product to try our new product page. Click here to view our website

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