New Website Features: Product Selection

Team Colours new website has placed much emphasis on customer experience and has aimed to make products easier than ever to find. Various new features in the new site heading and category pages should make it faster and smoother than before to browse products and find the right ones. Here’s a summary of top features…

Top Menu

The predictive menu feature

One of the big features of the website redesign is the rollover category menu at the top, which allows customers to jump straight to their preferred section. For the key sports it is possible to quickly access the different product categories and from there visit unrelated products such as bespoke leisurewear. The top menu also features a newly developed search facility, which finds products and categories as you type so users who know what they want can get straight to it.

Product Sorting Menu

Once on a category page there is the ability to refine products on display with the cool new product sorting menu. Using buttons to sort by name or price order, or selective tick boxes to show and hide the adult and junior products or custom and stock products means you can filter out unnecessary options and focus on the products of interest. Some pages are stock only or junior products only, so the menu will not be needed, but is worth giving a try to be sure you are browsing the right products.

A top selling product with badge

The Best Buys

Ever wondered which items are most popular? Our new product badges illuminate the best selling, best value and highest rated products, helping you to find recommendations and spot the best deals easily. Or you could intentionally ignore the most popular items to search out the most unique styles, the choice is yours.

We hope that customers will benefit from these new features and find it easier to appreciate the wide range of products and options on offer from Team Colours, please leave your comments on our new site here. To visit Team Colours website just click here.

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