Pros and cons of bespoke manufacture

Team Colours place great emphasis on their bespoke manufacture, because we believe in its beauty and quality appeal. The option to have a team garment such as matchday kit, trainingwear or accessories made in your colours with personalisation is a big part of team branding and creating a strong association with the team and its professionalism, something key to performance in modern sport. In this post we discuss the benefits and potential conflicts with bespoke manufacture.

Why go bespoke?

Netball Dress
The appeal of bespoke team kit is in the wide choice of colours

The benefits of custom made clothing are obvious, and will always offer greater choice and control over what you want than an off the shelf solution. In team sports in particular, the garment you play in needs to look great and feel comfortable, giving you complete confidence and focus, and only bespoke can ensure this. With Team Colours sides can really have any particular look; a netball team for example could have a dress design made in their trademark blue and white contrasts, then add a gold piping for a commemorative occasion, then add their team name across the back with a badge on the front in matching colour with matching colour velcro and patch bibs. This design could be replicated in hooded tops to match, and on sports bags, drinks bottles, on netballs and more.

Creating bespoke clothing helps to reinforce the team  look but choices in specific sizing, fabric, sleeve length, collar style and add-ons give much greater perfection of the ideal sports garment.

Other options

There can be certain drawbacks for certain situations that cater better to a stock solution, mainly based on timing and specification. If the main reason you want bespoke is for a certain fabric but colour is not important, that garment may exist in stock order, similarly your particular design combination may be available in stock products. Stock products are already made and so require a much shorter time to deliver, meaning if the season is just around the corner this option may suit better. To ensure custom garments are to satisfaction it is recommended you order samples first, so this process requires planning and a sensible timeline to avoid dissapointment.

Football Shirt
An example of stock alternative football shirt

Alternative options

If timing is not right and a bespoke garment is not always possible, a hybrid can be created that uses stock items with custom elements. For example, you may order a stock shirt but personalise with printing so that the garment still looks distinctive but is available faster. You could focus on custom parts of a team kit, for example ordering a bespoke football shirt but keeping stock shorts and socks to reduce the order time.

Bespoke has many benefits and certain drawbacks and each situation may need different consideration. While Team Colours will always work with teams to reach the best option for the budget and timeline to suit, we are confident that for the best in unique sports teamwear, you’re better off bespoke.

Find out more about Team Colours bespoke manufacture here.

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