The benefits to our colour change feature

Team Colours have introduced a new colour change feature to the website which enables you to visualise your kits before you order. Currently available for netball dresses and kits the feature has already proven to be a great success for our customers, and within the next few days will be available across all sports.

Once you have chosen the style of kit or dress you like from the custom kit page you can then
customise the kit by selecting your preferred colours from the drop down options. From
over 20 main colours and 20 contrasting colours to choose from you can mix and match to
see what works best for you.

The new feature enables you to experiment with different colours combinations and help
you to see how colours can compliment each other and your kit. With no limit to how many
time you select different colours in the drop down options the feature helps you to get your
kit looking the best it possible can!

Click here to visit our netball page and try it out !

More sports coming very soon !

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