The Leavers’ Hoodie – The Perfect Memento?

Sadly, the time comes for each of us to leave our school days behind. At the time, it felt like it would never end. Going to school, sitting in class and seeing your friends five days a week has been the norm for the past five to seven years of your life. What next?! You and your classmates are likely to move on in a number of different directions. Many will go on to full-time employment, some will go into further education and a few will fall off your radar completely.

No matter what path you and your classmates choose to take, you have all been part of a special breed of team. You may not have competed together, performed together or played together pertaining to the traditional definition. As a year group, you have all grown up together – united under the colours of your school crest. We all know growing up isn’t easy, which means leaving is a time to pat each other on the back and say ‘you made it’!

After what feels like a never-ending amount of time, how can you commemorate your time at school? Of course, you will always have the memories and hopefully a few personal photos too, but eternalising your school pride requires something else.  Many schools provide a leavers’ book. These will stay nice for a few years, but after numerous moves and years of neglect they will eventually be lost or damaged. How can you display your school colours to the world, without carrying on wearing your school uniform?

The answer is the leavers’ hoodie.  Over recent years the trend has swept across schools, sixth-forms and colleges throughout the country, and for good reason. Hoodies are comfortable, practical and useful. Unlike a leavers’ book, your leavers’ hoodie is suitable for everyday wear. If you’re heading to University, then a leavers’ hoodie may prove invaluable for the autumn term. Walking to campus in your hoodie won’t only keep you warm from the autumn chill, but will also give you an opportunity to show some school solidarity. This may provide more comfort than you think, especially if you’re feeling homesick.

The main reason many school leavers love their hoodies is because they are customisable. Your hoodie can display your school year, leaving date, surname, and nickname or friendship group name. No matter what you decide you want your hoodie to say, you know it will bring back fond memories. Most importantly your hoodie will have your school crest, as a reminder of where you came from. Buying hoodies in bulk will give you and your classmates an opportunity to wear your hoodies for a priceless group shot before you go your separate ways.

You don’t need to rummage around in your memory box to celebrate your school days – the perfect reminder is lying in your chest of drawers. Wear it daily, or keep it for best, either way your leavers’ hoodie will be a happy reminder of days gone by.

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